Welcome!  I'm sincerely grateful that you are here.  I am Brian J. Dow, retired Marine Corps captain, entrepreneur and businessman.  I have six wonderful children and reside in Saint Petersburg, FL with my wife, Kelley. 


Brian's Endeavors and Interests

From a military career, to starting new businesses and creating a political party, Brian is passionate about exploring new endeavors, building teams, collaborating with others, and making it all work! 



Brian's Story

Brian was born in Lynn, Massachusetts on July 1, 1968.  He was raised in the neighboring town of Peabody, named for George Peabody, regarded today as the father of modern philanthropy.  Brian's favorite activities in his youth were playing baseball and visiting Fenway Park to see the Boston Red Sox play.  He is a graduate of Peabody Veteran's Memorial H.S.

Brian enlisted into the United States Marine Corps 'Delayed Entry Program' on October 29, 1985, while still in high school. He began his active duty career on September 2, 1986, eventually earning a commission, via the Meritorious Enlisted Commissioning Education Program (MECEP) on May 26, 1996, after earning his undergraduate degree from San Diego State University. Brian retired from active duty on October 1, 2006. Brian served in the following capacities for the Marine Corps: aviation, infantry, logistics planning, and education.

In 2003, while still on active duty in the Marines, Brian founded a mobile oil, lube and filter business called Simple Lube that provided on-site preventative vehicle maintenance for fleet, commercial and private automobile owners. This business was located in Williamsburg, VA and Raleigh, NC from 2003 until it was sold in 2014.   
On St. Patrick's Day, 2018, with previous industry experience, Brian opened the first 1 Stop Brokers office in St. Petersburg, FL, offering customized private sector health insurance options primarily to individuals, families, and small business owners who had been unfairly targeted by the advent of Obamacare and the associated Shared Responsibility Payment, or mandated tax penalty. Today, 1 Stop Brokers has nearly 40 brokers, located in 6 states, offering products in all 50 states as well as some international products and services. In addition to private sector health insurance, 1 Stop Brokers also offers group health insurance, life insurance, accident and critical illness 'riders,' short- and long-term disability, dental, vision, and more. 

In July 2020, Brian conceptualized and constructed LureScore as an 'All-in-One' platform for Reputation and Review Management, where 'best-in-class- rankings are earned, never purchased, where 'just-in-time' advertising and marketing provides the greatest impact for business owners and clients alike, and where the buying public can confidently decipher between the 'Movers and Shakers' and the 'Fakers' in every industry and every genre.

In December 2020, Brian founded The American Patriot Party of the United States (TAPPUS) as a repudiation of the current two party system and the monumental deterioration of the Democrat and Republican party platforms and their respective representatives.  The mission of the party is to provide the American people with a new political option, founded on the core tenets of Honor, Integrity, Freedom, and High Moral Character.  Brian's proposed Party Resolution, Bylaws, Pillars, and Tenets are available for review on the party website.

Brian holds a Masters Degree in Human Relations from Oklahoma University where he studied under Dr. George Henderson, renowned civil-rights pioneer.  Brian has also completed all the required course-work for a doctorate degree in Adult Education as well as completing his dissertation, though he never did defend his theories as Jones International University, located in Centennial, Colorado, closed its doors, desiring not to seek a renewal of the accreditation with the Colorado Board of Governors.  This decision was the result of unfair Gainful Employment standards levied against the proprietary higher educational sector by the Obama administration that did not likewise apply to America's public colleges and universities.  This was a decision  Brian supported despite the personal impact to him. 

Brian has resided in numerous states during his time in the service and beyond, most-notably in: California, Virginia, North Carolina, Texas, Hawaii, and Florida. He has travelled abroad to many countries, including: Japan, South Korea, Australia, Panama, the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Africa, and numerous nations throughout the Middle East among others.  He always enjoys traveling and is always grateful that he is blessed to call America 'home.'

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My Musings

My family

These are the folks who inspire me each day

My wife, Kelley with Rylan

Kelley and Brian

My Dad (Bruce), son (J.D.), and me

My son, Jonas (J.D.)

My daughter, Brianna ('winged')

3  'Ballerinas.' Reese, Rylan & Reagan

The Twins, Reese and Reagan

My daughter, Blair

My Mom, Kathy, walking the twins

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